Reduce Stress With These 5 Ways To Save On In-Home Elder Care

Being the primary caregiver for your older family member can be a stressful and expensive task. But you can lower the financial burden with these five top tips. 1. Determine Actual Need. Many people assume that all elder care needs are the same. But, in fact, each person's actual requirements vary. Take notes of the help you actually provide, the tasks that are the most challenging for your parent, and the times of day that seem to call for more or less attention.

How to Balance Home Aides, Bathing & Retaining Your Modesty

If you are an older individual who has recently gone through surgery, then it may be necessary for you to receive home care services while you recover. If you have never received these services, then you should know that home health aides can assist you with many of the tasks that you cannot complete on your own yet. Cooking, cleaning, dressing, and picking up are completed by these professionals. Aides can also assist with bathing.

3 Ways to Ease Moving Your Loved One into an Assisted Living Center

According to the National Center For Assisted Living (NCAL), the average stay at an assisted living facility is 22 months, followed by 60 percent moving onto a skilled nursing facility. Obviously, most assisted living residents are moving from their own personal residents, and the transition can be difficult, adding extra stress for everyone. Here are three tips to make the transition as smooth as possible for this potentially difficult time in life.

Work With Your Home Health Aide To Ensure The Following Wintertime Anti-Fall Measures Are In Place

Hiring a home health aide to care for your elderly parent can give you the peace of mind that he or she will receive the helping hand that is needed to continue to live independently. If you're concerned about your parent falling, this concern becomes even more real during the winter months, when the traction underfoot can be precarious due to snow and ice. It's useful to adopt an anti-fall strategy with the home health aide; he or she can take charge of implementing the necessary tasks, given that he or she will likely be visiting your parent daily.

Keep Your Elderly Parent's Mind Active By Arranging These Activities During Home Care Visits

One of the benefits of having a home care worker visit your elderly parent is that the encounter can provide mental stimulation for your parent. This is especially valuable if he or she lives alone and may not experience a high degree of interactions with people throughout the week. Interactions with others can be helpful for keeping your parent's mind sharp as he or she ages, and this can especially be the case if you make an effort to arrange a different activity for the home health aide to perform with your parent.

4 Advantages Of Home Health Care

If you have a loved one that is in need of medical assistance throughout the day, you may want to rely on home health care. This is as service that will come to the home and provide various types of care that are necessary for this individual. The good news is that there are many benefits of relying on home health care, and knowing what some of these are may be helpful to you.

Elderly Americans Continue Living In Their Homes While Enjoying The Benefits Of Quality Home Health Care Services

People are living healthier lives, and they are also living longer lives. As they age, some may have complaints about illnesses brought on by the aging process. Many others are healthy enough to get about on their own at home. They might have nursing care needs as well as other ancillary health care services. These services are now brought into their homes, and insurance companies are paying the tab. You get to stay in your homes while receiving professional quality home health care in the familiar surroundings of your own home.

Top 5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Caregiver For Your Loved One

While you may desire to provide for all the needs of your aging parent, it may not always be possible. You may have to work or take your children to after school activities. Hiring a caregiver is an excellent solution, as you can arrange to have the worker take over the hours you are otherwise engaged. When going through the hiring process, it is important to ask the right questions so you employ a trustworthy individual who matches the personality of your loved one.

Time For Assisted Living? 3 Steps To Make The Transition Easier

Growing old is never easy, especially when it begins to interfere with your ability to care for yourself. If you've decided that it's time to move to an assisted living facility, make sure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. Change can be stressful. However, with some careful planning, you can alleviate some of that stress. Here are three simple suggestions that will help you make the transition from independence to assistance.

Different Signs Your Parent Has Alzheimer's: What a Caregiver Can Expect

It can be difficult in the beginning to determine whether someone has Alzheimer's. Someone may write their memory loss off to just being old and forgetting a few things. If your grandparent is showing even a small amount of mental decline, the problem could be Alzheimer's, or it could simply be due to becoming older. Below is some more information about this so you can be the best caregiver that you can.