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Keep Your Elderly Parent's Mind Active By Arranging These Activities During Home Care Visits

One of the benefits of having a home care worker visit your elderly parent is that the encounter can provide mental stimulation for your parent. This is especially valuable if he or she lives alone and may not experience a high degree of interactions with people throughout the week. Interactions with others can be helpful for keeping your parent's mind sharp as he or she ages, and this can especially be the case if you make an effort to arrange a different activity for the home health aide to perform with your parent. While the aide will be visiting for specific reasons related to your parent's care, he or she will also have time for your planned activities. Here are some suggested ideas.

Take An Outing

It can be good for an elderly person to get out of the house, and you won't have to worry about your loved one being out alone if he or she is joined by a home health aide. You can suggest some different outings for your family member and the aide. For example, they could visit a local park, go to a museum or art show, browse stores at the mall, spend time at the library, or even go visit friends who live in the same city. These varied activities can be good for your parent and have him or her looking forward to the health aide's visit.

Play Games At Home

You can also suggest — and buy the necessary equipment for — playing different games at home that will help to keep your elderly parent's mind as sharp as possible. For example, your parent and the health aide can play a board game that focuses on trivia; this will provide some healthy brain activity, but can be fun, too. Or, the duo can work on a crossword puzzle together and try to successfully answer each of the question. Other games, such as cribbage, can be helpful because of their emphasis on counting, which will keep your parent's mind active.

Hosting Friends

Hosting a gathering at home can really get your parent's mind working, especially if he or she is thinking of a creative idea for a party for friends. Buy any necessary refreshments and supplies and have your parent and the health aide work together to plan the menu and decorate accordingly. This is an activity that can provide a significant amount of mental stimulation, which will be healthy for your parent.

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