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Senior Home Care Can Help Your Father With Dementia After Your Mother Passes

For years, your elderly mother helped to take care of your aging father and things went very well. Unfortunately, she has passed on and your father now seems to be suffering from signs of dementia. This problem can make his life very difficult if he doesn't get high-quality senior home care to protect him from his loss in cognitive abilities.

Dementia May Get Worse

Early symptoms of dementia may have been laughed off by you and your mother. For example, your father occasionally forgot where he put his keys or where he'd placed his glasses. And your mother, meaning well, too care of him during this stage and nobody quite realized just how serious his dementia had become until after she passed.

Even mild dementia can be a problem because your father may forget names, become confused, or even get lost in his own home. As dementia worsens, his independent lifestyle and his health will be threatened. All of these issues can become very hard for you to manage, particularly as he mourns for the loss of his wife.

Life May Become Very Hard

The worst thing about dementia is that it can make life very hard for your father as he ages. This fact is particularly true if your mother was already the main worker in the house, the person who kept the two of them together and who ensured that he kept his head on straight. Though he's been trying his hardest to learn how to take care of himself, dementia is dragging him down. For example, he has forgotten how to turn on the oven or often neglects to take off his clothes for days in a row and is starting to look and smell poorly. Though he can take care of most of his basic needs, he needs help to keep him doing things properly. Thankfully, senior home care can help manage this problem for your loved one.

How Home Health Care May Help

If your father's dementia is making it difficult for him to care for himself and your mother is no longer around to make sure he is okay, you need step in and do what you can to help. Visit him once in awhile – at least a few times a week – to make sure that he is doing okay. And you should have a senior home care specialist visit him on the days that you cannot.

These experts will take care of things that he has either forgotten to do or is slowly forgetting to learn how to do. Beyond that, they can provide the kind of friendship that your father needs in his old age and even provide some cognitive improvement against dementia by doing puzzles, reading together, and performing other simple activities.

So if your father is suffering from signs of dementia after the two of you lost your mother, you need to contact a senior home care service right away to learn more. These experts will provide your father with the help that he needs to live a happy life.