Home Health: Finding Hope for You and Your Loved One

How to Balance Home Aides, Bathing & Retaining Your Modesty

If you are an older individual who has recently gone through surgery, then it may be necessary for you to receive home care services while you recover. If you have never received these services, then you should know that home health aides can assist you with many of the tasks that you cannot complete on your own yet. Cooking, cleaning, dressing, and picking up are completed by these professionals.

Aides can also assist with bathing. This can be stressful and embarrassing for some. Learn how to keep your dignity while also receiving the help you need.

Choose an Alternative Bathing Method

You obviously may be eager to take a bath or to shower after spending time in the hospital. However, if you do are uncomfortable being naked in front of the caregiver, then you can ask for an alternative to a regular bath. There are several options like the towel bath where a damp towel is placed over your body and used to clean and scrub each body area. You can often wash yourself with this method after the aide prepares the towel for you.

Sponge or washcloth baths either underneath the clothing or a blanket is an option too. You also have the option of sitting on the edge of the bath with a towel or bathrobe. As parts of your body are washed, you can then use the towel or robe to cover yourself.

If you really do want a bath, then you may be more comfortable sitting in a dimly lit bathroom. Make sure the express your desire on the type of bath you desire and your aide will work with you to make yourself comfortable.

Ask About No-Rinse Soap

If you only need an aide for a short period of time, then you may choose to wait for a complete bath or shower. In this situation, you can ask your aide to help you with cleaning of the feet, underarms, and other areas that may not smell fresh. When the aide assists you, ask about no-rinse types of soap. No-rinse soaps are exactly what they sound like. They are cleaners the do not require water to clean your body.

The cleaner does not contain alcohol and also is appropriate for surgical areas as well as sensitive skin. Cleaners are also available to clean the hair. These are often called dry shampoos and can be applied with a cap on the head to reduce natural oils that build up.

If you want to know more about bathing and how you can retain your modesty, make sure to speak with the home care business and your personal aide to come up with a plan.